Saturday, March 19, 2016

What are smart goals

SMART acronym as it relates to work goals

Smart goals are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. In order to achieve all your goals in your career, you need to ensure that all your goals utilize the smart system for setting goals.

Let's go over a couple smart work goals examples.

One smart goal would be to receive a promotion to manager within the next year at your current job. This could be viewed as  specific as you said that you wanted to obtain a promotion to manager. It is measurable because a promotion can be measured. It would most likely be measured based on your performance reviews. You would probably need to state why the goal is attainable. You could say that it is attainable because you have consistently received favorable reviews over the past few years. It could be relevant if your company is growing and in need of managers. It is timely since we said that the target date is within the year.

Another smart work goal example could be that you want to mentor two staff people over the next year and help them achieve above average performance review results.

This is specific in that you said that you want to mentor two staff people over the next year. It could be measurable because the objective is for the staff to achieve above average performance results. It is attainable if you have done this previously at your job. It is relevant if your job allows you to mentor people. If it doesn't, then this wouldn't be a good smart objective to set. It is timely because you set it to happen within the year.

Achieving goals and objectives is not easy. A great way to get started is by using smart objectives.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fear in the workplace

I just wanted to write something quick about fear in the workplace. Fear in the workplace is not a good thing and you must eliminate it. You can't do your job just because you need the money. This just means that you have a fear of financial insecurity. You have to find purpose in your job. If you find no purpose then you will find yourself struggling to get motivated for work everyday. You won't want to learn or progress in your career.

If you do find yourself fearful in the workplace, try to understand why you have that fear and try to eliminate it. It could be because you are generally not interested in what you do. If that is the case, then set some time aside each week to try to discover what you would like to do. Search the internet for careers in something you are interested in. If you say you aren't interested in anything, then you are probably lying to yourself. Take some time to meditate and figure out what you are truly interested in.

Teach yourself to learn every time you experience fear. Learn what is creating that fear and work on eliminating it.

Goals are another way to eliminate fear. Fear is often based on something in the future that you are uncertain about. Learn to live more in the moment when this occurs. If thinking about the future derails your thoughts and positive state, then you need to focus on the moment and what you can improve now. Goals will help you plan for the future and will also help you eliminate unfounded fears about the future.

Goals and Objectives

Every single year I set goals for myself. I set goals for myself at work and at home. A lot of people have a hard time coming up with the goals, especially goal for work.  You need to set aside some time for yourself to actually over your long-term goals and short term goals.

The short-term goals should be done yearly, quarterly and monthly because I really believe that those are equally important. You know your short-term goals are really just stepping stones and milestones that bring you closer towards the long-term goals and vision that you have yourself. I think my having those long-term goals and long-term vision pulls us and motivates us toward something greater so having the long-term goals is very important. The short-term goals are going be a lot harder for you to set as you probably know. I found this great work goals template online to help out with my goal setting.

You may have a goal to make hundred million dollars in the next 20 years but you might not have any idea how to do that in the next year. You can break it down and say short-term goals that will help bring you and guide you closer towards that long-term goal of making hundred million dollars. To cover that we'll go over my philosophy on goal setting and going to the practical how-to step-by-step how to write a goal to word them in a way that motivates you and that's exciting for you. We want them to be specific and measurable.  We will create an action plan for your goals because I think the goal is not enough; you also need a plan to achieve it, so I'm going to cover all that. Okay now before we get started as a few things you need. Make sure you have some kind of journal whether it is paperback or electronic. You can use your computer if you want as well. I find that actually using a journal to be pretty powerful and just goes to my brain at a different level so I encourage you to use a journal something you can write your goals and go to this process with. The other thing as well is you want to make sure that before you do this process you get yourself a great state. Now a lot of this process is going to require imagination and require you to come up with goals for yourself and envision a future that really excites and so in order to do that you want to be the state almost like when you're like a kid.  Think of a kid during Christmas. What does a kid say at Christmas? She says I want a pony. What does a kid say they want to be when they grow up? She says I want to be an astronaut there's no limits there is no limit to the level of thinking and a lot of times as an adult we can limit ourselves in different ways we prevent ourselves from thinking big because we have fear that comes up. We come up with reasons about why we can't do this because of this or because or that -- because my circumstances. We have this limiting belief system that stops us from setting these goals and actually thinking big. I really would encourage you to put yourself in a great state almost like you're a kid. You're excited anything is possible there's actually no fear; there are no limits. Some of the ways you can do this by the ways of spending 10 minutes and play some music and dance around. I like to do what every kid would do -- dance around a little. Jumping on a trampoline will jump up and down on, maybe you want to go for a run or do some exercises. Do something to engage your body. Do what alters your state in some way and makes sure that you're really great because if you're in a negative state, we want to get rid of that.  Do this until you feel like there can be no limits and no fear. So put yourself in the great state that may trigger happiness. Maybe schedule off 30 minutes or an hour of your time to get yourself into this great state.

Ok now take a journal and open it up now. Tthe first part of this process is brainstorming part of this process there's no perfect answer for this part. You want to think of whatever comes up your mind and write it out. The first part in this goal setting exercise isjust thinking about what you really want. About your life and what is your ultimate dream. What is your ultimate vision? Where you want to go in this life and what you want to experience.

What I want you to do is take your journal and set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes and to write a rapidly everything that you want it. Write it in point form step-by-step and it could be let's say to write a book, write that book on an island or it could be that you want a private jet. Write that out with no limits to this whatsoever. Say I want to have a dog, I want to I make $1 million, I want to be 170 pounds and 6% body fat or that I want to be on the cover of a magazine. So sit and think and write out as much as you can to get 5 to 10 minutes set a timer don't worry about whether it is realistic or not. So let's write down all those lofty ideas and then come back next week for what we will do next. I will go into more about what we will do with that goal template I mentioned earlier.